• Emergency on-call response 24hr/day
  • We want you to be successful in your business by keeping your computer running smoothly

Services & Support

Our trained technicians will come to you, fix your computer where it normally sits with all of its normal peripherals attached. This is the best way to troubleshoot a system in its normal environment. We will explain the problem to you in down to earth layman's terms and not in "Nerd" or "Geek" talk.

We offer onsite service for both corporate and residential clients. We don't want you to be bothered with taking your computer apart to bring it to us.

There are 2 different ways that we differentiate our clients:

  1. Preferred clients that pay a monthly service fee for preferred 8 hour response time and a guaranteed monthly/quarterly visit at minimum to ensure the greatest system uptime possible.
  2. Time and materials clients that pay for our services as they need them.

If you want to arrange a service call now you can click on CONTACT or call:
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